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Insurance Coverage Review & Planning

Ensure Your Family & Future Are Properly Covered With Our Help

Bring Insurance Coverage & Premiums Into Your Financial Plan

At Financial Services of America, we believe that the insurance coverage you enjoy should be more than an afterthought and monthly bill. As a client of FSA, we’ll be happy to audit your coverage across multiple insurance types to ensure you’re properly covered. In many cases, we’re able to find out clients better deals with more optimal coverage by leveraging our network of partners. Benefit from bringing your entire financial picture into focus with our help.

Why Choose Financial Services of America?

  • Enjoy our holistic approach to your financial plan and goals

  • Our in-house insurance experts are ready to advise and consult on your coverage

  • Leverage our team and partners to see if a better deal is waiting out there

  • Rest assured knowing that your monthly premiums are optimized and fit your plan

  • Work directly with our dedicated team for any coverage changes or updates

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Pick the Best Package for Your Family


Silver Package


Gold Package


Platinum Package

Insurance Recommendations Tailored to You

Our team is proud to provide insurance reviews and periodic audits for home, auto, life, medicare, and other insurances to ensure that no matter what stage your life is at, we are more able to provide tailored recommendations for your current situation and future benefit.

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Is FSA Right for You?

There are 5 qualities our financial advisors strive to embody for each client. See if that philosophy works for your investing style.

Insurance Reviews, Audits, & Quotes

By leveraging our internal team and hand-selected partners, we’re able to provide you with reviews, audits, and even up to 20 different quotes to know for certain that your coverage checks all the right boxes, including price. We go beyond a look at the situation to provide recommendations based on your overall financial situation and periodically check for additional gaps in your coverage as things change over time.


Insurance Reviews


We’ll take a look at your insurance coverage to make certain that you’re not over- or under-insured for your current and future financial situation. As your financial advisor, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with expert recommendations that an insurance agent alone may not think to include. Plus, our team includes a robust list of Michigan insurance experts for you to take advantage of.


Regular Insurance Audits


A one-time review of your insurance policies isn’t enough, unfortunately. Like your financial plan, your insurance coverage should expand and contract with your liabilities. As you navigate the financial plan we work on together, our team will make regular audits of your coverage to ensure that you aren’t inadvertently exposed to new liabilities as your portfolio evolves and your family makeup changes.


Insurance Policy Quoting


Thanks to our team of licensed insurance professionals, we also can pull quotes from up to 20 hand-selected insurance partners. These quotes can be used to lower your premiums or unlock coverage angles that may not have been possible with your previous insurers. Ask your financial advisor for more information!

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