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Are We the Financial Advisors for Your Family?

The fit between you and your financial advisor should be easy and seamless. 

Here are the 5 qualities that you need and can expect when selecting a financial planner with Financial Services of America.



You want to work with a financial advisor who really understands you - your family, your goals and what is important to you. For us, that's the top priority.


Clearly Explains Investing

You need to find a financial advisor who will spend time educating you on investment topics and answering all of your questions. We take the time to ensure that's the case.


Team Approach

No one is great at everything. That is why we take a team approach with you and your family to make sure you are getting an expert in every aspect of your financial plan.


Knows Your Investment Style

You want someone who makes recommendations in your best interest and explains how that path can help you reach your goals. We're here to make you comfortable and strive to only invest at your pace.


Meets on
your Schedule

Meeting with your financial advisor should be convenient. You want choices - whether that's at our office, your home, over the phone, or video conference - you'll have the option that's most convenient for you with any of our financial advisors.

Financial Services of America and You.

If these sound like the qualities that you want working for you,
Financial Services of America should be your next, and final, financial advisor.

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