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Tax Planning & Preperation

Leverage Our Tax Strategies to Help Achieve Your Financial Goals

Navigate the Confusing World of Taxes With Some Help

At Financial Services of America, we’ve helped thousands of Michigan clients create and execute financial plans to change their family’s financial future for good, but many of them seem to struggle with overpaying Uncle Sam. If you’d like to keep more of your hard-earned income, our tax planning and review services could make the difference.

Why Choose Financial Services of America?

  • Leverage our robust team of experts that has just about seen it all

  • Take advantage of our holistic approach to planning and investing

  • Work directly with our team or our hand-selected partners behind-the-scenes

  • Enjoy recommendations tailored to your future plans, not just your tax bracket

  • Close the loop that exists between your various financial plans to remove any seams

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Pick the Best Package for Your Family


Silver Package


Gold Package


Platinum Package

Get Only the Help You Need

Not all of our clients need every tax planning service we offer straight out of the gate. If your situation favors more income tax review and planning for reducing your next tax bill, great, we have suggestions for that; if you need to start looking at how to reduce estate taxes, for instance, we can help with that too. We tailor our support to your current and future needs.

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Are We Right For You?

Discover the 5 Qualities Our Financial Advisors Strive to Embody Above All Else

Tax Planning, Reviewing, and Preparing

By leveraging our robust internal team and incredible partners, you have the opportunity to bring your taxes under the same roof as your overall financial plan. If you’re satisfied with your current tax preparation, no big deal, we’re happy to review the filing or provide suggestions to consider for next year.


Tax Return Review


Each of our packages includes the option to have a licensed CPA review your most recent tax filing to ensure the accuracy of your returns and make sure no major opportunities or liabilities were missed. From there, we can work with you on income tax reduction strategies that could help to hit your financial goals much sooner.


Advanced Tax Planning


If income taxes aren’t the only thing you’re looking at, our advanced strategies could be right for you. Estate tax reduction, charitable contributions, and leveraging tax-loss harvesting strategies are just a few things we could help with. Together, we’ll ensure your financial plans enjoy tax-advantaged strategies for years to come.


Full-Service Tax Preparation


If desired, your package could include full tax preparation at no additional cost with our incredible partner, America’s Tax & Accounting. Additionally, we can further leverage this relationship to consult with the CPAs responsible for preparing your tax returns as we make financial decisions and moves throughout the year.

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