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Retirement & Estate Planning Services

Go Way Beyond the Typical Financial Plan With Our Team

Retirement & Estate Planning Services for Your Family

While many financial planners look at your current financial situation first, then provide you with a plan to more-or-less get there, we go way beyond that with our unique approach. We start by getting to know you, your goals, and your family before even beginning to look through the next steps. We work with you to reforge your current plans and goals into a focus-driven machine that will power your family’s financial future.

Why Choose Financial Services of America?

  • Enjoy a refreshing, relaxing atmosphere around finances for once

  • Feel confident in every aspect of your plan, from taxes to insurance, and more

  • Work with our in-house team as well as our hand-selected partners

  • Know that your advisor is part of our 9-time award-winning workplace team

  • Create and tweak your future goals with us as your family and life plans change

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Pick the Best Package for Your Family


Silver Package


Gold Package


Platinum Package

Your Comfort Comes First

We believe that the fit between you and your financial advisor should be smooth and seamless. In every plan we put forward, every recommendation we make, every meeting we keep, and certainly every investment we suggest, we keep your comfort at the forefront of our minds. We believe that makes us different from the average financial advisor and hope you see it the same way.

Are We Right For You?

Discover the 5 Qualities Our Financial Advisors Strive to Embody Above All Else

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Futureproofing Your Future Plans

As we work with you to create a plan for your financial future, as well as what you’ll be able to leave behind for the next generation, we will work to ensure that your plans are clear and effective to create the best possible barrier against future risk.


The Power of Understandable Written Plans


Whether you have a solid financial plan already or have yet to create a written financial plan, we’ll ensure your questions get answered and you clearly understand what the path forward looks like. Our goal is to create a plan you feel confident in and understand exactly how your written plan relates to your future goals.

Our Bucket Plan


By condensing the big picture into three clear buckets: Now, Soon, and Later, you’ll create a plan that makes the most of what you have while knowing that the future is going to be accounted for within your plans. We tailor this approach to your situation, including age, income, and estate goals.


Enjoy the Freedom of Well-Laid Plans


Work with the financial advisors at Financial Services of America to reach a point of freedom from worry about what the future might hold for your financial future. Trust our team to review, create, and help execute your plans for retirement and creating a lasting impact for the generations to come.

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