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Financial Planning & Investing Strategies

Get a Personalized Plan from Our Dedicated Local Team of Financial Advisors

World-Class Service Meets Financial Strategy

Our team is committed to providing you with a different type of financial planning experience, which means going beyond just pointing you in the direction of an investing provider. We walk with you every step of the way and are always ready to answer questions, explain investments, and align your plan with your family’s evolving needs and goals.

Why Choose Financial Services of America?

  • Enjoy a holistic approach to financial planning that goes well beyond investing

  • Take advantage of our experienced team of in-house financial advisors for answers

  • Trust and verify  the partners we have selected to support your plan

  • Gain access to our dedicated service team for any ongoing tweaks to your plan

  • Attend regular performance review meetings and take regular fresh looks at your strategies to ensure they match your current goals

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Pick the Best Package for Your Family


Silver Package


Gold Package


Platinum Package

Financial Planning Packages for You

Our structure packages allow you to select the level of support you need based on where you are in your investing strategy. As you work with your dedicated financial advisor and support team, you will enjoy the full benefit of our robust internal team to support your future goals.

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Are We the Right Fit?

Our financial advisors philosophy is simple: we believe there are 5 things to place as the top priorities. See if they work for you!

Financial Planning You Can Count On

The team at Financial Services of America is proud to provide world-class financial planning to families here in Michigan. If you’re interested in building a financial plan you can count on and a team that will answer your questions and ensure your input is felt throughout, we may be just the team for you.

We Welcome Your Goals

The first major step for us is to gauge your goals and ensure that we craft a plan to help you reach them. By leveraging our Bucket Plan, we can work to adjust your finances to a “Now, Soon, Later” philosophy to get the most out of your current assets and build the future you’re looking for. At the heart of each of our financial plans is a client’s goal, and we aim to keep it that way.

The Bucket Plan

By taking the approach of “Now, Soon, Later,” we help to direct your financial efforts to a holistic plan that will serve you throughout life and even set up the next generation. Regardless of your age or income, we have experience in creating Bucket Plans that can work toward and with your current goals.

Not Just Your “Money Person”

By looking at every angle of your finances, we go well beyond your “investments guy” or “money person.” While we can level-up your finances in a big way, we do so in a way that takes you and your family into account and looks at every level of where your finances are going. Whether that means insurance, taxes, investments, or other potential expenses, we’re there to help you give your family the life you’re looking for.

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