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We're a financial firm.

Numbers are who we are.


Since 1984, Financial Services of America has been creating financial security for families living in our community. In 2017, we founded FSA Advisors giving us access to even more options and financial solutions for our clients. 34 years of service. Here's to 34 more. 


17,000. That's a big number. You don't get the opportunity to service that many families if you don't believe in what you're doing. And more importantly, what you are doing works. Helping families achieve their goals is why we're in business and what makes us love what we do.


Starting in 2003, when our CEO Richard James won the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, FSA has won the Detroit Free Press' Top Workplaces in Michigan 7 times and in 2015, was inducted into the Circle of Excellence Hall of Fame. We love working at this company almost as much as our clients like working with us. Almost. 


FSA to our clients means Financial Services of America. But to us, it means Family, Service, Achievement. Since the beginning, we have had one goal - to Service the Families 
we work with and Achieve their financial goals. With that goal we are able to place every single person we meet
in a better position then before they met us.

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